Introductory Microdermabrasion Session

Opening Special 99.00 *

This comprehensive consultation takes into consideration your medical history, lifestyle, and skin condition. After this “superficial skin polishing” your skin will have a fresh glow. It will look healthier and feel smoother and softer.
* first session only

Instant Glow

$109.00 per session

This microdermabrasion procedure produces better results than a general facial. Attention will be given to: fine lines, sun damaged skin, dull complexion, scars, bumpy skin, enlarged pores, acne scarring, blotchy or mottled brown discoloration. Your skin will look radiant and feel extremely smooth.

Instant Glow for Mature Skin

$115.00 per session

After the Instant Glow microdermabrasion procedure, an exclusive formulated anti-aging gel will be applied to your skin using a deep penetrating system. This treatment will stimulate micro-circulation, re-energize cellular activity, and boost collagen production.
A quick way to Renew, Refresh, Rehydrate, and Rejuvenate your skin.

Facial Rejuvenation Solution

$599.00 for 7 sessions*

Although a single treatment yields excellent results, microdermabrasion works most effectively when performed progressively as a series of 6 treatments performed at approximately 2-4 week intervals.
*purchase a series of 6 and receive the 7th session free. Reducing your cost to $85/session.

Anti-Aging Solution

$699.00 for 7 sessions*

Age and Skin conditions determine the number of treatments required to achieve optimum results. This series is designed to help heal, repair, and restore damaged skin and fight the negative effects of aging. Microdermabrasion is combined with our deep penetrating system for super absorption of our anti-aging formulation. A series of 6 treatments at 2 week intervals is recommended.
*purchase a series of 6 and receive a 7th session free. Reducing your cost to $99/session.

Maintenance Care

To help maintain your results , our esthetician will recommend appropriate follow-up care based on your age and skin condition.
(All prices are subject to change without notice)