Teeth whitening Smile FX


The Breakthrough

Limestone Laser offers a quick cosmetic teeth whitening system. Our fully trained staff will guide you through this easy process and answer all your questions.

Tooth Sensitivity

Smile FX is the # 1 choice for anyone with Tooth Sensitivity. This is a whitening system for people that experience sensitivity from other in-office dental whitening treatments, take home dental trays, or over-the counter whitening systems.

Who is Eligible for Teeth Whitening?

Anyone over the age of 14 can whiten their teeth. Parental consent is required for persons under the age of 18. Individuals with gum disease or other oral problems should contact their Dentist or Doctor prior to whitening. The use of some antibiotics and other drugs can cause tetracycline stains that may not be removed.

Crowns Caps and Veneers

Smile FX is safe for Crowns, Caps and Veneers, and stains will be removed during whitening, returning to their original colour.

Guaranteed results at a fraction of the cost

Save hundreds of dollars compared to other in-office dental whitening systems. Smile FX offers a fraction of the time and cost of custom moulded take- home dental trays treatments, making it simple and convenient. Itís also easier because you do not have to worry about messy strips that fall off and produce uneven whitening results. Our treatment is more effective and longer lasting than drug store strip and take-home tray treatments.

Smile FX


Always looking to bring new services for my clients, I tested the Smile Fx Teeth Whitening system while visiting a medi-esthetics trade show. I was very impressed. In 15 minutes my teeth improved by 4 shades , with No pain and NO sensitivity! All this for $79. My dentist had quoted me $500 for the procedure. I called several medi-esthetics spa who carry the system, all of them were more than pleased with the products. I am very excited to now offer this service to all my clients.

Dr Marie Houde, owner of Limestone Laser



2-8 Shades Whiter
15 Minutes
No Sensitivity

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